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About Orchardz Hotel

Orchardz Hotel first opened her doors on 10th August 2007 at Jalan Industri Raya, Jakarta Pusat. With a team of professionals possessing extensive experience in the hospitality business, Orchardz Hotel has created an authentic hospitality service system to satisfy the needs of her main target segment, that is, business travellers.

Since our establishment, we have consistently advanced our level of service and Orchardz Hotel has established itself to be a reputable hotel chain in the industry. Up to now, we have expanded our hotel collection and opened new branches, namely: 

  • Orchardz Pontianak, opened in January 2008
  • Orchardz Jayakarta, opened in October 2010
  • Orchardz Ayani, Pontianak, opened in December 2011

Orchardz Hotel is run with Indonesian pride; up to today, Orchardz Hotel has never been operated by any international hotel management. One shall consider Orchardz Hotel as a hotel that is truly Indonesian; we strive to keep ourselves adaptable to the dynamic demands of travellers by maintaining strong feedback communication with our guests, as we believe that our guests' feedbacks will help us serve them better in their future visits.

Many of our passionate management team members have stayed with us since the hotel's establishment to see the rise of our hotel, with them gaining the experience to shape the unique service quality that we offer at Orchardz Hotel.

Today, Orchardz Hotel is not only known as a preferred choice for accommodation, but also proven to be favored venue to hold events such as meetings, conferences or weddings, given her competitive affordability, excellent service and quality.

Orchardz Hotel is yet to expand and improve further, with a vision to be the best value hotel known locally and internationally.