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 Greetings from Orchardz Hotel,

Since we first open our doors, we understood the changing trends for business, market is becoming more global, they are time-constrained, they seek efficiency and they want convenience. We believe that everyone has the right to pay only for what they need, thus, Orchardz Hotel wants to provide all that at an affordable price.

Throughout the years, we have grown along with the customers, seeking to provide better services to all of our customers. Opening new branches in strategic locations and refurbishing our website are one of many steps we took to offer convenience and choices for the customers to be able to cater the needs of each individual better.

So what makes us different from the rest of industry competitors?

We are a group of hotels that started locally, we have created our very own system, so we are proud to be 100% Indonesian product. We are competitive in many different aspects from price to service facilities and we aim to be the best value for money hotel in anywhere we provide services. Most importantly, we are a team of passionate individuals and we love what we do.

Last but not least, we may not be the most luxurious hotel, but we aim to be the most loved hotel, because we know that materials may not put a smile on customers face, but the good feeling and memories we leave behind that will.

Hope you enjoy your stay with us. Have a pleasant day.

Always at your service,